DUI Arrest: How Bad Is It Really?

When you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, you become instantly aware that this kind of arrest is in the discretion of a police official. If the police think you are impaired and driving, then the police will most likely pull you over and arrest you for drunk driving. This highly subjective opinion by the police officer is what makes DWI or DUI arrests so maddening. Basically, police officers conduct roadside sobriety tests that most of the time cannot be performed by an entirely sober individual inside a room, not to mention on the side of the roadway.

DUI Arrest

When police officers make these somewhat subjective determinations, hiring a DUI Lawyer Spokane, who is expert, highly knowledgeable and experienced in DUI cases is very important because they know how legal process are conducted. They can also be able to find the errors, outright exaggerations as well as mistakes that this type of criminal offense is usually prone to.

DUI or Driving Under the Influence and DWI or Driving While Intoxicated, are the most commonly used abbreviations for this type of criminal offenses, where an offender drives or operates a moving vehicle after alcohol or drug consumption. The term DUI encompasses a wide range of criminal offenses that often vary depending on your county or state’s laws. Some terms for this criminal act are impaired driving, drinking and driving, as well as drunk driving. If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, you will need to have strategic, aggressive as well as sophisticated lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.

DUI cases are often thought of in reference to motorcycles and automobiles. However, the charge can also be applied if you are riding a bicycle, flying an airplane, or operating a boat while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In most states, it’s extremely illegal to operate any vehicle while under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, as well as some prescription drugs. Most importantly, it’s illegal to manipulate any form of transportation after consuming any substance that slows down your reactions, can cause any kind of diminished physical or mental state, as well as impair your judgment.

The consequences and punishments of DUI, DWI or any related criminal offenses can be severe and usually vary on a wide number of related factors. The blood alcohol content or BAC, age, Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV record, criminal history, as well as the location of the person arrested could all create an impact to the legal ramifications and potential criminal charges of a DUI cases. A person’s blood alcohol content or BAC rating may be above the legally imposed limit in some jurisdictions, yet below the imposed legal limit in other states.

The BAC rating of an individual can be determined with the use of a Breathalyzer test, blood test, or even urine test. Most of the time, Breathalyzers rely heavily on indirect methods of blood alcohol concentration measurement. Some people in law enforcement might consider a high blood alcohol content measurement to be the strongest DUI evidence for prosecutors and police officers. On the other hand, this is not often the case since there are reasonable doubts regarding with their use, results and maintenance most of the time. Nowadays, Breathalyzers are the most commonly utilized form of chemical sobriety tests, which can also possibly be the most inaccurate. All traces of liquids (blood), gas, or vomit can even affect the results of the Breathalyzer test. Other field sobriety tests, like walking in a straight line, might also be conducted in order to determine if the driver is sober and is capable to operate his or her vehicle. A driver under the influence charge may result in suspension of license, jail time, fines, prison sentence, and higher vehicle insurance rates, as well as may entail mandatory participation in alcohol or drug rehabilitation programs or community service.

Most of the time, for a first DUI charge, you may be eligible for attending a diversion program. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated, it is best that you hire the professional service of a qualified, expert and knowledgeable DUI attorney. Not only they can help you in determining if you are eligible for a diversion program, but they also have the ability to represent you in the court during trials and can give you legal advises about your case as well. If you  choose to hire an attorney that specializes in DUI cases, you can certainly retrieve your driver’s license in no time.



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